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China's composite molecular pump industry development trend and future investment planning research report 2016-2021



China's composite molecular pump industry development trend and future investment planning research report 2016-2021

China's composite molecular pump industry development trend and future investment planning research report 2016-2021 details
Published: October 24, 2016
Keywords: composite molecular pump
Validity: 90 days
Location: Beijing-Beijing

of Intelligence Research Institute was founded in 2007 in Beijing, it is "the Beijing Institute of Information Technology industry in Chile is" to promote and operate a research institute, to provide all kinds of information for business users, such as in-depth research reports, market research , statistical data, etc.; through rigorous investigation and scientific logical analysis and argumentation method, Zhongyan Zhiye has cooperated with many domestic securities companies, PE, VC institutions, law firms, accounting firms, and more than 10 provinces and municipalities. The office and the listing office form a strategic partnership.

Zhongyan Zhiye Research Team has a group of professional analysts with complex professional knowledge structure, as well as senior experts from industry associations and well-known enterprises. Zhongyan Zhiye has an independent data development center, information collection center, outdoor research group, project project management team. Synchronous cooperation has been carried out; Zhongyan Zhiye has always been the introduction of excellent employees to join as one of the company's core objectives. Among the more than 350 employees of Zhongyao Zhiye, 98.5% of them have bachelor degree or above, and 65% have double degrees. Master's and doctoral degrees, more than 60 senior researchers, 45 expert consultants, 16 market research experts, 8 data modeling experts, 5 overseas consulting experts, most of the company's employees have been in many well-known industrial research institutes and securities in China. Research institutions have extensive experience in the industry. High-quality professionals are the greatest asset of forward-looking information and an important guarantee for our professional services.

In 2007, Zhongyan Zhiye Research Institute was established in Beijing. The company is mainly committed to providing customers with strategic reference value industry market decision support system segmentation industry market research, enterprise IPO market segmentation industry research, industrial park development planning consultation, monthly market Monitoring, in-depth market research, project feasibility study reports, and world-class management wisdom to meet corporate learning and operational capabilities. In 2010, Zhongyan Zhiye has more than 13,000 customers worldwide. In 2012, Zhongyan Zhiye has established 3 research institutes and more than 10 research bases. In 2013, Zhongyan Zhiye began to engage in IPO consulting business. In 2014, Zhongyan Zhiye has global customers 2.1. More than 10,000 companies and more than 5,000 companies have been serving for 8 years. In 2015, Zhongya Zhiye ended the year of December 2015, with a total of 29,000 customers.

Zhongyan Zhiye Research Institute has provided successful experience in providing industrial investment decision-making information services for China's top 500 enterprises and large foreign-funded enterprises for five years. Zhongyan Zhiye organically combines the massive data and professional research accumulated by the company for 10 years, relying on the professional data provided by national statistical agencies and various industry associations to provide comprehensive, accurate, timely and continuous industrial market intelligence and information services. After 10 years of development, the company is now the leader in China's leading professional market research institutions in China's segmented industry market research. Account Name: Beijing Zhongzhi Zhengye Institute of Information Technology Account Number: 9120 0154 7400 03980 Bank: Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Beijing Electronic City Branch